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Alphabetical List of Kin

--- Individuals whose surnames begin with the letter W, X, Y, or Z ---

Here is a list of kinspeople documented on the Milkcan Papers site. For a more manageable list of kin arranged alphabetically, click Alphabet over on the left. To see the home page, click Home over on the left (or to see the animated version, click here).

Clicking any name will open up another (secondary) window, with documentation on that individual. You should close that window before returning to this list. (If you return to this list without closing the secondary window, and then click another name on the list, the secondary window will contain information on the new individual--but it might be hard to see, because the secondary window might be behind this list window. Of course, you can get to the secondary window from your browser bar.) Again, for a more manageable list, click Alphabet over on the left.

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Mary Wade (1809-1865) |  Sarah Wadleigh |  Annie Waite |  Mary Waite |  Constance Watson (b. 1571) |  Isabel Watson (1561-1634) |  James Watson |  Jane Webster (d. 1607) |  Abraham Whitacre |  Marcy White |  Mary White |  Isaac Whittemore |  Eliza Whittridge |  Ruth Wiley (1796->1870) |  Sarah Williams (1762-1848) |  Eleanor Wilmot (1605-1677) |  Beatrice Wilson |  Benjamin Wilson (1767-1843) |  Daniel M. Wilson (1788-1869) |  Daniel Wilson (1824-1902) |  Eleanor M. Wilson (b. 1859) |  Ella Wilson (b. 1854) |  Eric Wilson |  George Wilson (b. 1856) |  Harrison Gray Wilson (1819-<1910) |  Horace M. Wilson (1817-1871) |  Jerome W. Wilson (1844-1884) |  Lilla Wilson (b. 1854) |  Lydia Wilson (1765-1844) |  M. Beatrice Wilson |  Margaret L. Wilson (b. 1854) |  Margaret M. Wilson (1811-1879) |  Nellie M. Wilson (1859-1933) |  Oliver Wilson (b. 1848) |  Percy Wilson (b. 1850) |  Rosalinda ("Rose") Wilson (1848-<1880) |  Sarah Wilson (1782-1856) |  Sarah H. Wilson (b. 1852) |  Benjamin Wright III (d. 1791) |  Charles Wright (d. 1796?) |  Sabrina Wright | 

To see information on an individual whose surname begins with a different letter, click Alphabet over at the left.

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