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The Milkcan Papers Web site documents the families with the Hawes, Edmands, Eggert, Barrett, Yarnot, and Pearson surnames-- and many more besides (please see the Index).
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[ Rough Rider Frederick Wilson Hawes in 1898 -- click to enlarge the picture and hear the horse ] The original compiler of the Milkcan Papers, in ca. 1940, was our ancestor Frederick Wilson Hawes (1873-1950). Here is how he looked in 1898, when he was a Rough Rider with Teddy Roosevelt in the Spanish American War. (To see a full-size version of the picture, click it.)

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To this date, the Milkcan Papers site documents individuals with the following names: Benjamin Abbot, Edward Abbot, Elizabeth Abbot, Ephraim Abbot, George Abbot, Hannah Abbot, John Abbot, Joseph Abbot, Nathan Abbot, Sarah Abbot, Thomas Abbot, Timothy Abbot, William Abbot, Abraham Adams, Elizabeth Adams, Hannah Adams, Isaac Adams, Jacob Adams, Joanna Adams, John Adams, Mary Adams, Robert Adams, Walter B. Allen, Ellen Armor, Anna Arnals, Elizabeth Aslett, Hannah Aslett, John Aslett, Mary Aslett, Ruth Aslett, Samuel Aslett, Sarah Aslett, Susannah Atwood, Alden Avery, Ephraim Avery, Francis Avery, Francis M. Avery, Idella Avery, Irving Avery, James Avery, James C. Avery, John Quincy Adams Avery, John Avery, Kittridge Avery, Leander Avery, Leander B. Avery, Melzar Avery, Melzar L. Avery, Olive Avery, Sharon Avery, John Ayer, John A. Ayer, Rebecka Ayer, Rebecca Ayer, Davis Baldwin, Mary Baldwin, Hezekiah Ballard, Lois Ballard, James Barker, Hervion Barnard, Annis Bayford, Francis Bayford, John Bayford, Mary Bayford, Richard Bayford, Thomas Bayford, William Bayford, Aaron Bean, Abigail Bean, Anna Bean, Arthur Bean, Arthur Noah Bean, Benjamin Bean, Betsey Bean, Betsy Bean, Catherine Bean, Clement Bean, Daniel Bean, David Bean, Donald Bean, Elijah Bean, Elizabeth Bean, Hannah Bean, Henry Bean, Hugh Bean, James Bean, Jeremiah Bean, John Bean, Jonathan Bean, Josiah Bean, Laura Bean, Laura Caroline Bean, Levi Bean, Margaret Bean, Mary Bean, Mary E. Bean, Moody Bean, Nicholas Bean, Philip Bean, Rebecca Bean, Samuel Bean, Sarah Bean, Simon Bean, Simon D. Bean, Mary Beard, Mary Belknap, Abigail Bell, Joshua Bell, Alice Blaney, Alice E. Blaney, Nathaniel Blaney, Nathaniel Russell Blaney, Nathaniel Blotchford, Isaac Blunt, Frances Bowyer, Greye Bragg, Lorenzo Bragg, Lorenzo Dow Bragg, Pearl Bragg, Daniel Brewer, Hannah Brewer, Sarah Bridges, Ann Brigham, Anne Brigham, Constance Brigham, Elizabeth Brigham, Frances Brigham, Henry Brigham, Jennett Brigham, John Brigham, Peter Brigham, Richard Brigham, Robert Brigham, Thomas Brigham, William Brigham, Hannah Brocklebank, Edwin Brown, Edwin Forester Brown, Hannah Brown, John Brown, Josephine Brown, Josephine Lilla Brown, Margaret Brown, Ned ("Edward"?) Charles Lindsay Brown, Mary Burdett, Abner Burrill, Ebenezer Burrill, Esther Burrill, Hannah Burrill, Isaac Burrill, John Burrill, Joseph Burrill, Lois Burrill, Sally Burrill, Samuel Burrill, Sarah Burrill, William Burrill, Benjamin Burt, Henry Burtt, Asa Bushby, Eleanor Buturan, Agnes Chandler, Barbara Chandler, Edward Chandler, Elizabeth Chandler, Hannah Chandler, Henry Chandler, John Chandler, Joseph Chandler, Lydia Chandler, Priscilla Chandler, Richard Chandler, Robert Chandler, Samuel Chandler, Sarah Chandler, Thomas Chandler, William Chandler, Zebadiah Chandler, Noah Clapp, Eleanor Clark, Lucebia Clark, Jane Clemett, Stephen Coats, Mary Colchard, Helen Cook, Helen M. Cook, Emma Cooley, Emma Hadin Cooley, Cora Copp, Warren Copp, Elizabeth Cox, Agnes Crosby, Alan Crosby, Alice Crosby, Elizabeth Crosby, Ellen Crosby, Emme Crosby, Hannah Crosby, James Crosby, Jane Crosby, John Crosby, Margaret Crosby, Mary Crosby, Michael Crosby, Miles Crosby, Peter Crosby, Richard Crosby, Robert Crosby, Simon Crosby, Thomas Crosby, William Crosby, Fannie Cummerford, Frances Cummerford, Mary Cummings, Mary J. Cummings, Abiel Dane, Abigail Dane, Albert Dane, Daniel Dane, Elizabeth Dane, Francis Dane, Hannah Dane, John Dane, Joseph Dane, Mary Dane, Nathaniel Dane, Phebe Dane, Phoebe Dane, William Dane, Addie May Davis, Daniel Davis, Daniel Benjamin Davis, Estella Davis, Joseph Davis, Lilla Davis, Pearl Davis, Rebecca Davis, Isabella Dearborn, James Dearborn, Elizabeth Dempsey, Charles Dobbyn, Charles W. Dobbyn, Addie Doe, Albert Doe, Fred Doe, Richard Dolloff, Adeline Dougherty, Catherine Dougherty, Catherine J. Dougherty, Minnie Dougherty, Minerva Dougherty, Thomas Dougherty, Ira Draper, Lydia Draper, Ada Edmands, Ada Irene Edmands, Addie Edmands, Addie P. Edmands, Allan Edmands, Allan Christie Edmands, Alonzo Edmands, Andrew Edmands, Andrew Jackson Edmands, Ann Edmands, Ann A. Edmands, Anna Edmands, Artemas Edmands, Artemas Bradford Edmands, Artemas Seymour Edmands, Arthur Edmands, Arthur B. Edmands, Arthur Seymour Edmands, Charles Edmands, Charles H. Edmands, Charles Wade Edmands, Clara Edmands, Clara L. Edmands, Consider Edmands, Ebenezer Edmands, Ebenezer Paine Edmands, Edward Edmands, Edward Wesley Edmands, Elbert Edmands, Elbert H. Edmands, Elisa Edmands, Elisa J. Edmands, Elizabeth Edmands, Elizabeth "Bess" Caroline Edmands, Ella Edmands, Ella May Edmands, Ellen Edmands, Ellis Edmands, Ellis Lincoln Edmands, Elwood Edmands, Ernest Edmands, Ernest Carl Edmands, Esther Edmands, Esther Minerva Edmands, Everett Edmands, Everett L. Edmands, Fedora Edmands, Florence Edmands, Florence M. Edmands, Frances Josephine Edmands, Frank Edmands, George Edmands, George Draper Edmands, Hannah Edmands, Hannah "Anne" Maria Edmands, Harriet Edmands, Harriet L. Edmands, Hellen Edmands, Helen Edmands, Ida Edmands, Imogene Edmands, Imogene Emma Edmands, James Edmands, James Walter Edmands, Jesse Edmands, Jesse Consider Edmands, John Edmands, John Alvah Edmands, John Lott Edmands, Kate Edmands, Lillian Edmands, Lorena Edmands, Lorena Chestnie Edmands, Lott Edmands, Lucellia Edmands, Luella Edmands, Lydia Edmands, Lydia Hilda Edmands, Marcellus Edmands, Margaret Edmands, Margaret Ellen Edmands, Margaret Lillian Edmands, Mary Edmands, Mary Frances Edmands, Melissa P. Edmands, Mildred Edmands, Mildred Florence Edmands, Nancy Edmands, Nelson Edmands, Nelson Wilfred Edmands, Oscar Edmands, Oscar Melvin Edmands, Polly Edmands, Ralph Edmands, Ralph Waldo Edmands, Rodney Edmands, Ruth Edmands, Sally Edmands, Sarah Edmands, Sarah A. Edmands, Sarah Melissa Edmands, Solon Edmands, Solon V. Edmands, Sulie E. Edmands, Theodora Edmands, Willard Edmands, William Edmands, Josephine Edwards, Josephine Ann Edwards, Josephine Hunn Edwards, Josephine Ann Hunn Edwards, Margaret Ellis, Richard Ellithorpe, Lydia Ferguson, Lydia Faergerson, William H. Fairchild, Lydia Fairfield, Ede Farnum, Elizabeth Farnum, Ephraim Farnum, Henry Farnum, John Farnum, Mary Farnum, Ralph Farnum, Sarah Farnum, Thomas Farnum, Daniel Ferris, Daniel O. Ferris, Mario Ficarra, Marty Ficarra, Mary Fifield, William Fifield, Belle Findley, Catherine Findley, Eliza Findley, Fred Findley, Isabella Findley, James Findley, John Findley, John Arthur Findley, Kate Findley, Katherine Findley, Mary Findley, Mary Caroline Findley, Richard Findley, Robert Findley, Susan Findley, Susie Findley, Susie Catherine Findley, William Findley, William Fremont Findley, William F. Findley, Ephraim Fisk, Jason Fisk, Joseph Fisk, Keziah Fisk, Mary Fisk, Nancy Fisk, Samuel Fisk, Bildad Flowers, Edna Foote, Charles Foster, Jennet Foster, John Foster, Daisy Fowler, Edna Fowler, Vesta Francis, Vesta V. W. Francis, Benjamin Frye, Deborah Frye, Ebenezer Frye, Elizabeth Frye, Hannah Frye, James Frye, John Frye, Mary Frye, Nathan Frye, Phebe Frye, Phoebe Frye, Samuel Frye, Susan Frye, John Fuller, Prudence Gage, Samuel Gage, Ralph Geissler, John Gilson, Mary Gilson, Sarah Glover, William Goldsmith, Charles Gordon, Charles M. Gordon, Bartholomew Green, Sarah Green, Hannah Grover, John Grover, Lois Grover, Margaret Grover, Margaret Matilda Grover, Abigail Hall, Mary Hall, Mary M. Hall, Sally Hall, Aaron Hardy, Elizabeth Hardy, Lester C. Hatch, Ruth Hawkes, Isabel Hemingway, Bridget Henchman, Abraham Heseltine, Anna Heseltine, Bethiah Heseltine, Elizabeth Heseltine, Jonathan Heseltine, Mary Heseltine, Mehitabel Heseltine, Richard Heseltine, Robert Heseltine, Enas Hesger, Burtt Hesger, Enas Burtt Hesger, Everill Hessye, Josephine Hill, Josephine M. Hill, Hannah Elizabeth Hinchcliff, John Hinchcliff, Hannah Holt, Elizabeth Howard, James R. Hughes, Edmund Ingals, Elizabeth Ingals, Faith Ingals, Francis Ingals, Henry Ingals, John Ingals, Mary Ingals, Robert Ingals, Samuel Ingals, Sarah Ingals, Abigail Jewett, Elizabeth Jewett, John Johnson, Ruth Johnson, Susannah Johnson, Timothy Johnson, Joel Judkins, Mary Judkins, Molly Judkins, Geroge F. Kennard, James Ketelle, Lucy Ketelle, Lucy Caroline Ketelle, Isaac Kidder, Richard Kimball, Sally Kirby, Sarah Kirby, James Kittredge, Hannah Kittredge, Zephaniah Kittredge, Ednah Lambert, Edna Lambert, Emeline Laurence, Emeline Ferris Laurence, Robert La Spina, Robert La Spina di Savuto, Robert La Spina (di Savuto), Hannah Lissen, Nicholas Lissen, Bethiah Longhorne, Constance Longhorne, Elizabeth Longhorne, John Longhorne, Richard Longhorne, Samuel Longhorne, Sarah Longhorne, Thomas Longhorne, Aaron MacBean, Catherine MacBean, Daniel MacBean, Donald MacBean, Elizabeth MacBean, Hannah MacBean, Henry MacBean, James MacBean, Jeremiah MacBean, John MacBean, Margaret MacBean, Mary MacBean, Samuel MacBean, Amos Mansfield, Anna Mansfield, Benjamin Mansfield, Bethia Mansfield, Bethiah Mansfield, Betsy Mansfield, Elizabeth Mansfield, Charles Mansfield, Charles A. Mansfield, Content Mansfield, Daniel Mansfield, Edgar Mansfield, Edgar L. Mansfield, Edith Mansfield, Edith G. Mansfield, Ella Mansfield, Ella Josephine Mansfield, Ephraim Mansfield, Ephraim Sylvesta Mansfield, Florence Mansfield, Florence E. Mansfield, Horace Mansfield, Horace K. Mansfield, Laura Mansfield, Laura G. Mansfield, Lorenzo Mansfield, Lorenzo H. Mansfield, Lucy Mansfield, Lydia Mansfield, Margaret Mansfield, Mary ("Polly") Mansfield, Moses Mansfield, Nathaniel Mansfield, Sally Mansfield, Sarah Mansfield, Samuel Mansfield, Susanna Mansfield, Susy Vesta Mansfield, Thomas Mansfield, Warren Mansfield, William Mansfield, Amos Marrett, Charles Mason, Charles Parker Mason, Robert Mason, Delia McGettigan, George Melven, Ernest Meyer, Ernest Christopher Meyer, Ilse Meyer, John Miller, Jennett Millington, Thomas Millington, William Millington, Helena Moltzen, Helena Louise Moltzen, Lena Moltzen, Abigail Moody, Clement Moody, Jonathan Mooers, Sarah Morse, Betsy Moulton, Elizabeth Moulten, Reliefe Moulton, Amos Mudge, Simon Mudge, Benjamin Muellickin, Mary Muellickin, Dorothy Munroe, James Newhall, John Noyes, Mary Osgood, Sarah Osgood, Ebenezer Paine, Mary Paine, Mary Olive Paine, Sarah Paine, Sarah A. Paine, Mary Parker, John Parmenter, Phoebe Parry, Rebeckah Pattin, Rebecca Pattin, Andrew Paul, Andrew H. Paul, John Penison, Dana Perkins, Ella Perkins, Ella Celia Perkins, Elsie Perkins, Emma Perkins, Frank Perkins, Greve Perkins, Isaac Perkins, Jimmy Perkins, James Perkins, Julia Perkins, Louise Perkins, Mary Perkins, Walter Perkins, Zenus Perkins, Samuel Peters, Samuel Pettingal, Annis Phelps, Deborah Phelps, Edward Phelps, Eleanor Phelps, Elizabeth Phelps, Francis Phelps, Hannah Phelps, John Phelps, Joseph Phelps, Joshua Phelps, Lois Phelps, Mary Phelps, Samuel Phelps, Sarah Phelps, Thomas Phelps, John Pickard, Emma Pierce, Emma Flora Pierce, Flora Pierce, William Pierce, William Henry Pierce, William Henry Harrison Pierce, Alice Poor, Daniel Poor, Deborah Poor, Elizabeth Poor, Hannah Poor, John Poor, Lucy Poor, Mary Poor, Matthew Poor, Priscilla Poor, Ruth Poor, Samuel Poor, Sarah Poor, Anna Quimby, John Quimby, Mary Quimby, Sarah Quimby, Harry Ramsdell, Harry A. Ramsdell, Harry Ames Ramsdell, Marshall Ramsdell, Henry Raub, Ross Reel, Abigail Richards, Annie Richie, Catherine Richie, Jane Richie, John Richie, Mary Richie, Eliza Ricker, Belle Roache, Belle J. Roache, Helen Roache, James Roache, James A. Roache, Alfred Roots, Alfred B. Roots, George Roots, George W. Roots, Douglas Russell, Edna Russell, Edna Mildred Russell, Georgette Russell, Ann Sanborn, Mary Scrammon, John Searle, Agnes Seaverus, Arthur Seaverus, Arthur Grant Seaverus, Arthur Jacob Seaverus, Arthur Wade Seaverus, Minnie Seaverus, Minnie Angeline Seaverus, William Seaverus, William H. Seaverus, Mary Severance, Ella Sheldon, Susan Sheldon, Susan Ella Sheldon, Amon Simonds, James Sinclair, John Sinclair, Martha Sinclair, Lucy Smith, Agnes Sothern, Samuel Spofford, Margaret Stennson, Joseph Stevens, Annie Stewart, Annie Eliza Stewart, Abigail Stickney, Abraham Stickney, Abraham Elmore Stickney, Adding Stickney, Alathena Stickney, Alathena Gertrude Stickney, Amos Stickney, Andrew Stickney, Annah Stickney, Benjamin Stickney, Caroline Stickney, Caroline Elizabeth Stickney, Catherine Stickney, Catherine B. Stickney, Dorothy Stickney, Ebenezer Stickney, Edward Stickney, Edward Beard Stickney, Eliza Stickney, Elizabeth Stickney, Faith Stickney, Hannah Stickney, Hannah Eliza Stickney, Isaac Stickney, James Stickney, James Madison Stickney, Jane Stickney, Jane Maria Stickney, Jeremiah Stickney, John Stickney, John Adams Stickney, Jonathan Stickney, Joseph Stickney, Lucebia Stickney, Lucebia Clark Stickney, Louisa Stickney, Louisa Richmond Stickney, Mary Stickney, Mary Ann Stickney, Mercy Stickney, Molly Stickney, Naomi Stickney, Richard Stickney, Samuel Stickney, Sarah Stickney, Thomas Stickney, William Stickney, William Henry Stickney, Zephaniah Stickney, Robert Stiles, Helen Stoddard, Helen A. Stoddard, Henry Stoddard, Henry Warren Stoddard, Josephine Stoddard, Josephine Frances Stoddard, George Suester, Julia Swan, George Sweetser, Alice Symonds, Albert Taylor, William Taylor, Daniel Tenny, Phoebe Terry, James Thomas, James W. Thomas, Mary Thomas, Alice Thorogood, Joseph Tidd, Gillian Trvelinson, Susannah Tucker, Gillian Twelison, Esther Twist, Harriet Upham, Mary Wade, Sarah Wadleigh, Annie Waite, Mary Waite, Constance Watson, Isabel Watson, James Watson, Jane Webster, Abraham Whitacre, Marcy White, Mary White, Isaac Whittemore, Eliza Whittridge, Ruth Wiley, Sarah Williams, Eleanor Wilmot, Beatrice Wilson, Benjamin Wilson, Daniel Wilson, Daniel M. Wilson, Eleanor Wilson, Eleanor M. Wilson, Ella Wilson, George Wilson, Harrison Wilson, Harrison Gray Wilson, Horace Wilson, Jerome W. Wilson, Lilla Wilson, Lydia Wilson, M. Beatrice Wilson, Margaret Wilson, Margaret M. Wilson, Nellie Wilson, Nellie M. Wilson, Oliver Wilson, Percy Wilson, Rosalinda Wilson, Rose Wilson, Sarah Wilson, Sarah H. Wilson, Benjamin Wright, Charles Wright, and Sabrina Wright.

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