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Point of View

This is the "Point of View" page.

For now it is a placeholder, except that you can click any of the options to the left. Most of them work and will provide content.

The page will contain a drop-down list of all the living relatives who might be interested in the "Milkcan Papers" site, including you. For example, suppose you are Mary Barrett, born 1968. You could click on your name and see the genealogy from your own point of view. You would begin with the "Mary Christine Barrett, b. 1968" page and trace your ancestry from there. When you reached the "Mary Anna Hawes, 1917-1992" page, you would see her identified as your "grandmother" (whereas someone else might see her identified as an "aunt"). When you reached the "Esther Burrill, 1790-1883" page, you would see her identified as your "fourth great-grandmother" (that is, your great-great-great-great-grandmother).

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