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Progenitors of Family Lines

This list includes the earliest ancestors we have record of, for each of the family lines. To see summary information on a progenitor, click the progenitor's name. To see a chart showing how we are descended from the progenitor, click Ch to the left of the name.
Ch Abbott, George, 1615-1684
Ch Abbott, Sarah, mother of Priscilla Chandler, 1713-1778
Ch Adams, Robert, 1602-1682
Ch Aslett, John, 1614-1671
Ch Ayer, John A., father of Rebecka Ayer, grandfather of Mary Aslett, 1654-1747
Ch Ballard, Hezekiah, I, father of Hezekiah Ballard II, b. 1682
Ch Bayford, Richard, 1535-1599
Ch Bean (MacBean), Aaron, b. 1570
Ch Beard, Mary, 1789-1824
Ch Bell, Joshua, father of Abigail Bell, 1758-1850
Ch Bowyer, Thomas, father of Frances Bowyer, 1590-1636
Ch Brewer, Daniel, father of Hannah Brewer, 1630-1717
Ch Brigham, Thomas, I, b. 1475
Ch Chandler, Thomas, I, 1475-1550
Ch Clemett, Jane, mother of Richard Longhorne, 1617-1668
Ch Colchard, Mary, mother of Mary Fifield, b. 1666, grandmother of John Bean, 1688-1732
Ch Crosby, John, I, 1440-1502
Ch Dane, William, father of John Dane, 1590-1658
Ch Davis, Joseph, father of Rebecca Davis, b. 1692, grandfather of Hezekiah Ballard III, b. 1720
Ch Ellis, Margaret , mother of John Findley II
Ch Faergerson, Lydia (d. 1804), mother of Levi Bean, 1794-1870
Ch Farnum, Henry, father of Ralph Farnum, 1603-<1648
Ch Fifield, William, father of Mary Fifield, b. 1666, grandfather of John Bean, 1688-1732
Ch Findley, John, I
Ch Foster, John (d. ca. 1552), father of Jennet Foster (?), grandfather of Richard Crosby, 1532-1586
Ch Francis, Vesta V. W., 1799-1878
Ch Frye, John, 1601-1693
Ch Gilson, John, d. 1776, father of Mary Gilson, 1771-1856
Ch Hall, Abigail, d. 1785, mother of Abraham Stickney II, 1733-1803
Ch Heseltine, Robert, father of Abraham Heseltine, 1648-1711
Ch Hinchcliff, John, 1796-1877
Ch Ingals, Robert, b. 1570
Ch Judkins, Joel, father of Mary "Molly" Judkins, 1715-1774
Ch Kittredge, Hannah, mother of Abigail Bell, 1758-1850
Ch Kittredge, James, father of Sarah Kittredge, 1738-1807
Ch Longhorne, John, father of Richard Longhorne, 1617-1668
Ch MacBean (Bean), Aaron, b. 1570
Ch Millington, Thomas, father of William Millington, grandfather of Jennett Millington, 1526-1587
Ch Moody, Clement, father of Abigail Moody, grandfather of Philip Bean, 1766-1842
Ch Pattin, Rebeckah mother of Rebecca Davis, b. 1692, grandmother of Hezekiah Ballard III, b. 1720
Ch Phelps, Henry, father of Edward Phelps, 1625-1689
Ch Poor, Daniel, 1624-1689
Ch Richie, John
Ch Scrammon, Mary, mother of Martha Sinclair, grandmother of David Bean I, 1717-1770
Ch Searle, Joan, b. 1540, mother of Francis Bayford, 1567-1622
Ch Sherett mother and mother-in-law of John Richie
Ch Sinclair, James, father of Martha Sinclair, grandfather of David Bean I, 1717-1770
Ch Sothern, Agnes, mother of William Millington, grandmother of Jennett Millington, 1526-1587
Ch Stennson, Margaret, d. 1591, mother of John Crosby, 1556-1604
Ch Stickney, Samuel, father of William Stickney, 1592-1665
Ch Swan, Julia, d. 1679 or later, mother of Samuel Stickney II, 1663-1714
Ch Twelison, Gillian, b. 1558, mother of Thomas Brigham V, 1576-1633
Ch Waite, Annie, mother of John Findley III
Ch Watson, James, father of Isabel Watson, 1561-1634
Ch Webster, Jane, d. ca. 1607, mother of Robert Crosby, 1596-1642
Ch Wilmot, Eleanor, 1605-1677

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